Beware of These Dangers When Driving Golf Carts – Funny Sports Videos

It’s extremely difficult to inflict an injury while driving at these speeds. But, as in the video on YouTube “Why Golf Carts Are Becoming Very Dangerous” notes, being on a golf cart could potentially be dangerous when proper precautions are not taken.
What are the causes of Golf Cart Injury

California and different states have allowed the practice of using golf carts on public roads. But, the person driving has to have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, the cart needs to be equipped to serve the intended use. The body is the same as that of a standard golf cart, but the motor was modified for use for public roads.

There are a variety of common causes for injury to a golf car. They include carts overloaded that are crowded with passengers. Carts can fall over or slide with the golf cart.

It’s essential to adhere to correct golf cart behavior in public and golf course roads, by controlling the quantity of vehicles as well as adhering to the rules of road.


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