The Most Physically Demanding Trades That Require Employee Physical Fitness

Asphalt or concrete preparation. This job demands a lot of physical strength and endurance. Workers need to lift massive objects, bend their backs, step down, and operate in any weather conditions. Paving professionals need to be fit physically and able to handle any challenges that they encounter in order to efficiently and effectively perform their jobs.
Auto Mechanic

A different job that is physically demanding is automotive repair. Employees must be well-fit and fit. Each type of vehicle can be fixed and maintained by mechanics. That includes cars, trucks and buses. It’s one of the most challenging jobs. It is essential to have great manual dexterity, be able to work with small tools and components, and have a high level of physical endurance. Mechanics must also be able to lift and move large objects, such as engine blocks and transmissions, as well as work in cramped and awkward position. Employees must have the ability to withstand the demands of their job as well as the endurance and strength to perform efficiently and effectively.


Fence contractors are accountable for the installation and repair of fences for residential, commercial and industrial property. This type of job demands a lot physically demanding work since the workers have to lift heavy items, like wood and steel panels, and then create holes for posts. The fencing professionals need to have the ability to work outside regardless of the weather conditions and be able to scale and hold ladders as well as scaffolding. To perform the job efficiently fence builders must maintain a good physical state and able to handle the demands of the job.

Fence builders must have good math and geometry skills along with their physical capabilities. This is required in order to measure and calculate the materials required for fencing projects. They must also be able read the blueprints and sketches such as


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