Trane AC Repair Tips – Home Repair and Renovation Digest

your home dry and cool. An AC problem can result in moisture issues, and could result in mildew or mold. This can not only affect the structure of your house and your health, but it can also affect the structure of your home. Here are some AC repair advice offered by air conditioner companies.
Modify the filter

The AC filter must be changed regularly, at a minimum every 3 months. Your filter is what captures dust and debris, as well as lint and any other harmful substances. If you experience a distinct scent emanating from your AC or producing warm air, these are two signs that your filter must be replaced.

Be Clear

The areas around it clear when your air conditioner has an outdoor component. It’s a great idea to keep the AC’s two-foot radius free from things or plants.

This is just the beginning of the process in AC maintenance. If you suspect that the AC is in need of repair, make sure you get in touch with your local HVAC company.


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